Crossfit has done so many different things in my life that im taken back by it all. It first and foremost has affected my health, I’ve dropped 45 pounds, which normalized my blood pressure. My doctor took me off the blood pressure medication! I was diagnosed with sleep apnea B/C (before crossfit) and had been using a Cpap machine which also is no longer needed. I no longer feel the stress of my 2 year D.O.T physical exams that I need to pass to obtain a health card for a CDL license.
Besides that it has affected my confidence, energy, work, relationships and even my faith. For me it has stirred my character, to be more than I used to be.
I believe the people in a box, make it what it is! Everyone of us working out with grit, determination and dedication! Cheering each other on, at any age or gender, we strive to change!
Many thanks!