I have struggled with my self body image since I was in fifth grade. I began really working out about 6 years ago, but I fell into a rut. I tried my first Crossfit class in July 2014. The energy and positivity of this class was so motivating. I was unsure about going back just because I wasn’t in the best of shape. My body felt amazing and I had never had a workout that felt like that. I tried to mimic the movements the next day and do a workout at my conventional gym, just trying to feel the same way I had felt the day before-but couldn’t. I knew I had to go back. October 5, 2014 I decided to fully commit to TBE Crossfit. On October 5, I became part of something much more than a gym. I became part of a community and part of a family. It is an amazing opportunity to be able to spend so much time with people who are nothing but positive, motivating, and encouraging. I am getting healthier, stronger, and happier. Along this journey, not only have I seen many changes in my body, but I have also seen so many changes in my mind. Through interactions at the gym, I have developed healthy habits that truly help me grow into being a better person every day of my life. I am so thankful everyday to have the Crossfit community.