I grew up a competitive dancer. I went to competitions year round and found a love for competing, have a community where i found encouragement and inspiration daily. Upon graduating high school i struggled with not being able to find that adrenaline rush that i once felt as a dancer and tried every sport possible to get it back. I went to yoga, tried Zumba, even tried to go back to just taking dance classes and it wasn’t the same as competing with others. On July 4th of 2017 i walked into TBE Crossfit not knowing what to expect. I went in and experienced one of the hardest workouts to date, not realizing that was one of the victims of the “freshmen 15” and realized how out of shape i had really become. I remember looking at the clock trying to get the best time i could on this workout and found that adrenaline rush once again. I soon realized that this is was the sport i wanted to do. A year later, I’ve gained friendships and have grown within the Crossfit community tremendously! I went from struggling with the 15lbs trainer bar to hitting triple digit PRs within this year of being at TBE. I go in everyday to a welcoming and supporting community that pushes one another to be better and stronger. Since starting Crossfit i am down 10lbs from when i began and continue to grow and become stronger everyday!