So a year ago, smoking a few cigs a day and popping nicotine lozenges and always finding excuses to not workout, self motivation was not my strong suit. Going to a gym was like dancing. My feet don’t move, stage fright what ever ya wanna call it.
Nov 15, 2017, a friend hauled me into TBE. I was on the fence didn’t know what I was in for. That first day I hurt! I pushed myself a little to hard, but I liked it, I felt it, I wanted it. Every other day turned into every day possible. My excuses turned into there’s no excuse. CrossFit has changed me, my life, my attitude. Being 50 it ain’t easy. But ya know what? I’m finishing WOD’s. I’m getting better daily. The best goal I have and the best advice I can share is, get in there and do it for you. Just try to be 1% better than the person you were yesterday.
God bless, be good to you!